Event Processing

Event Stream Processing or Complex Event Processing?


Event Stream Processing and Complex Event processing is computing on live event streams. Event streams can contain a wide variety of time based occurrences (events). These can range from work orders to alarms, warnings or events associated to process conditions, items in your workflows, events from your assets et cetera et cetera.

Very often event streams contain valuable information when events are occurring in a certain sequence of time or in a specific frequency. In certain cases it is also valuable to know when event streams do not follow a known pattern.

An example of an event pattern for a windmill is:

  • An increase in wind speed;
  • An stable rotor speed; and
  • An increase in bearing temperature.

This may be indicative of a bearing failure. The example is very clear because it correlates only a few events in the time domain and none of the other data that is also contained within the data/event stream of the windmill is shown. Read more

IoT Talks event in Utrecht

IoT Talks Utrecht

On Sept 29th, Tele2 IoT Talks Utrecht will inspire and energize you to talk about IoT.

On behalf of UREASON, Jules Oudmans, will give a presentation at this inspiring event.

What: Tele2 IoT Talks

When: Sep 29th at 08.00

Where: Stadion Galgenwaard, Utrecht