IIoT Communication Readiness – What You Need to Know!

An important, crucial, aspect in IIoT applications is the communication layer. This layer is responsible for relaying sensor values from the field to northbound processing of this data and the southbound control.

In my previous blog I concluded that IIoT is reality, but headaches are ahead choosing the right protocol and communications provider, especially when your IIoT solution requires long-range support, will be deployed in multiple countries and needs cross border coverage. Read more

The Industrial Internet of Things – Hype or Reality?

Most of you have seen the term IoT – Internet of Things – presented at webinars, seminars and conferences. If not, you have probably read-up on one of the thousands of articles, market reports, blogs et cetera on the topic. Rest assured this post is not about IoT but covers its less known ‘brother’: the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Read more

Data Science becomes mainstream

The Dutch management blog: Managers Online published an article based on an interview with our directory consultancy Jules Oudmans. In the article Jules gives 5 tips for managers about Data Science projects.

Read the article (in Dutch)

Invest in Predictive Maintenance?

The purpose of Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMP) is to prevent/reduce unscheduled outage of equipment. The direct business benefits are in: reduced maintenance costs; reduction of breakdowns; and the reduction of maintenance time spent.  Benefits that are tempting … but not all your equipment is ‘eligible’ for a PMP.

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‘5 need-to-knows before you start with data science’ on Business.nl

The Dutch business blog Business.nl published an article about ‘5 need-to-knows before you start with data science’. The experience is that lots of data science projects were started without being well prepared. In the article UREASON’s director consultancy Jules Oudmans gives you five crucial tips to consider, before starting a data science project. For Dutch readers the article is here: http://business.nl/5-zaken-die-je-moet-weten-over-data-science/

ESP CEP in predictive maintenance

ESP/CEP in Predictive Maintenance?

Predictive Maintenance is all about predicting failures, to critical assets, in a timely fashion to allow for repair/replacement without too much or no upset(s) to production/processes.

The business case for running a Predictive Maintenance Program (PMP) is clear to most clients/companies. For many we find it is often unclear as to how to run an effective PMP and what techniques to embrace.

This post is too short to dive into the finesses of asset, part selection and using available data and engineering resources such as FMEAs and FMECAs to create models that predict failure and degradation … but long enough to focus on one of the important aspects in PMP: use of event asset data to enhance predictive models and detect early failures. Read more