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Round table – January 27

Together with Tele2 and Stork we are having a round table session about ‘Predictive Maintenance, Analytics and Industrial Internet of Things’. Together with a group of asset owners we will discuss the necessary conditions, pros and cons and some best practices. Are you an asset owner and would you like to attend this round table […]

Through-life Engineering Services

The 5th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services was held at Cranfield University on November 1st and 2nd. UREASON took part in the IoT and Data Analytics Workshop by Christos Emmanouilidis, Senior Lecturer, Internet of Things & Analytics at Cranfield.

Together strong

Operational and safety processes run in parallel but often don’t communicate. Bosch Security Projects and Ureason have connected both worlds, combining the operational capabilities of Ureason with the crisis management systems of Bosch. The combination provides proactive insights in process and an integral action environment in cases of emergency. Download more information (in Dutch) about […]

How to Improve Situational Awareness – Part 1

Systems that were meant to keep the process in control and inform operators of deviations, at BP Refinery in Texas City (1) and Texaco Refinery in Milford Haven (2), were incapable of their basic task. As a result the operators in one case were given faulty alarm information whereas in the other case operators were […]

Citizen Data Science

Why is Citizen Data Science a driver for better IOT and CEP solutions using Operational Intelligence? It’s interesting to see how emerging technology has changed in just 5 years. Specifically the term ‘Citizen Data Scientist’, a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but whose primary job function is outside […]

Starting an IIoT Project – Key Learnings

IIoT endeavors – Proof of Concept, Proof of Value – are often uncharted territory for organizations. This either because data is unlocked from assets where no-data has been before or because the organization is going to trial new methods of service/product delivery where no other organization has gone before. This all sounds a bit trekky, […]

IIoT Communication Readiness – What You Need to Know!

An important, crucial, aspect in IIoT applications is the communication layer. This layer is responsible for relaying sensor values from the field to northbound processing of this data and the southbound control. In my previous blog I concluded that IIoT is reality, but headaches are ahead choosing the right protocol and communications provider, especially when […]

The Industrial Internet of Things – Hype or Reality?

Most of you have seen the term IoT – Internet of Things – presented at webinars, seminars and conferences. If not, you have probably read-up on one of the thousands of articles, market reports, blogs et cetera on the topic. Rest assured this post is not about IoT but covers its less known ‘brother’: the […]

Data Science becomes mainstream

The Dutch management blog: Managers Online published an article based on an interview with our directory consultancy Jules Oudmans. In the article Jules gives 5 tips for managers about Data Science projects. Read the article (in Dutch)

Invest in Predictive Maintenance?

The purpose of Predictive Maintenance Programs (PMP) is to prevent/reduce unscheduled outage of equipment. The direct business benefits are in: reduced maintenance costs; reduction of breakdowns; and the reduction of maintenance time spent.  Benefits that are tempting … but not all your equipment is ‘eligible’ for a PMP.