Masterclass “New models for maintenance on turbines” – March 24

Stork and UREASON invite you to the masterclass “New models for maintenance on turbines” on March 24 in Utrecht. The central question in this masterclass is: What is the impact of changing supply and delivery conditions to the maintenance of the turbine.

More and more installations, pumps and machines are equipped with sensors, whether or not connected to the Internet. The vast amount of data generated contains a lot of value, but how do you unlock that value? APM 4.0 is a solution that effectively deals with these uncertainties risks. We do this by giving an accurate insight into the opportunities and factors that contribute to current asset risks, based on the best available information.

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Smart IoT London – March 15-16

Meet us at Smart IoT London at the 15th and 16th of March. We wil be exhibiting at this 2 days IoT conference and exhibition at ExCel London.

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Production Process Automation – February 9

For years effectiveness and efficiency are the key words for the manufacturing and process industries. Latest developments around Industry 4.0, the Industrial Internet of Things, Big Data and Predictive Maintenance therefore ask concrete while strategic choices.

There is a transition to new technology, but what is the roadmap? A visit to the PPA event offers you knowledge to make the right choices. Part of the program is a session by Ureason about analyzing real time huge amounts of data in process industries. Please visit us at PPA 2017, February 9 at Hart van Holland Nijkerk! Register here.

Analytics for Data – Driven Decisions – 24th January

We will be presenting our industrial perspective on tools and use-cases at Cranfield Universities “Analytics for Data – Driven Decisions”  MSc lecture series for the their Decision Engineering module.

With decades of experience in real-world industrial solutions we are ideally placed to help you create optimal decision making solutions for your business, can we help ?

Round table – January 27

Together with Tele2 and Stork we are having a round table session about ‘Predictive Maintenance, Analytics and Industrial Internet of Things’. Together with a group of asset owners we will discuss the necessary conditions, pros and cons and some best practices.

Are you an asset owner and would you like to attend this round table session? Please register here (in Dutch).

Through-life Engineering Services

The 5th International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services was held at Cranfield University on November 1st and 2nd. UREASON took part in the IoT and Data Analytics Workshop by Christos Emmanouilidis, Senior Lecturer, Internet of Things & Analytics at Cranfield. Read more

Together strong

Operational and safety processes run in parallel but often don’t communicate. Bosch Security Projects and Ureason have connected both worlds, combining the operational capabilities of Ureason with the crisis management systems of Bosch. The combination provides proactive insights in process and an integral action environment in cases of emergency.

Download more information (in Dutch) about this unique solution.

Hoe oplossingen voor bedrijfsprocessen en veiligheidsprocessen elkaar versterken 606.14 KB 290 downloads

Samenwerking Bosch Security Projects & UREASON ...

How to Improve Situational Awareness – Part 1

Systems that were meant to keep the process in control and inform operators of deviations, at BP Refinery in Texas City (1) and Texaco Refinery in Milford Haven (2), were incapable of their basic task. As a result the operators in one case were given faulty alarm information whereas in the other case operators were flooded with too much alarm information not allowing timely response.  It was very difficult for the operators to be aware of the situation that was developing. Read more

Citizen Data Science

Why is Citizen Data Science a driver for better IOT and CEP solutions using Operational Intelligence?

It’s interesting to see how emerging technology has changed in just 5 years. Specifically the term ‘Citizen Data Scientist’, a person who creates or generates models that leverage predictive or prescriptive analytics but whose primary job function is outside of the field of statistics and analytics, has become an Innovation Trigger (more on this by Gartner and Forbes).

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Starting an IIoT Project – Key Learnings

IIoT endeavors – Proof of Concept, Proof of Value – are often uncharted territory for organizations. This either because data is unlocked from assets where no-data has been before or because the organization is going to trial new methods of service/product delivery where no other organization has gone before. This all sounds a bit trekky, but deep down the innovative nature of many IIoT endeavors can also be havoc to its result.

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