Improved asset performance through Condition Based Maintenance

UReason’s APM software offers you the possibility to use Condition Based Maintenance to ensure asset reliability, worker safety, costs reductions, and high asset performance – without the need to interrupt equipment processes.

Condition Based Maintenance

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Condition Based Maintenance is one of the most important product technologies used by UReason APM software to ensure, among others, high asset performance. Such maintenance uses the data of an asset to determine its usage and actual status. On the basis of the asset data performance decrease, upcoming asset failure can be determined and certain trends can be identified.

Benefits of Condition Based Maintenance:

  • It has the ability to operate while assets are in use, thus without interrupting any of the equipment processes;
  • Compared to Preventive Maintenance, Condition Based Maintenance ensures asset reliability, worker safety, and costs reductions since the maintenance activities are scheduled whenever the performance of the asset decreases accordingly.
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Asset Performance Management with UReason

Maintenance costs are a major part of the total operating costs of all manufacturing plants. The challenge our customers face is maximising the return on capital assets. UReason APM software helps you improve the reliability and availability of production assets while minimising the risk and operating costs. 

We have many years of experience in Asset Performance Management (APM). We use the valuable asset and process data that is available in your historical data archives and combine it with the maintenance data available in CMMS systems to provide you with insights in how well your assets are performing.

Asset performance management

Our APM software provides a variety of AI techniques and tools that help you quickly set up and train your own APM solutions. These solutions allow you to provide Condition Based Monitoring, Predictive Failure Models and  Probabilistic Risk Models for your assets.

UReason CBM solutions

Data Capture

Data capture: capture your data through different sources

UReason APM software is sensor agnostic and is able to connect to any source and device, enabling the simultaneous use of historic process data and real-time data from different sources, such as:

  • Control systems: DCS/SCADA/PLC, such as Honeywell Experion PKS, Siemens PCS7 and ABB 800xa via OPC, MQTT, etc;
  • Maintenance management systems, such as Maximo, Ultimo and Infor;
  • Process historians such as OSISOft PI, Aspentech IP21 or Yokogawa Exaquantum
  • Operated data: failure logs and inspection reports;
  • Manuals: operating manuals, FMEA/FMECAs and HAZOPs.
Data Analysis

Data Analysis: analyse your data effectively

UReason APM software uses different analysis models to provide relevant insights into your current and future asset performance.

Model examples:

  • Event and Time Series Analysis;
  • Neural Networks;
  • Fuzzy Rules;
  • Decision Trees;
  • Linear and Logistic Regression;
  • Support Vector-Machines.
Asset Performance Management

Asset Performance Management: automate the asset monitoring process​

Ureason APM software lets you use templates and interact with inspection and maintenance personnel using our chatbot technology. The output and KPIs are displayed in customisable dashboards to track progress and provide more insights.

We provide different types of rules for a support system for managing assets, like:

  • State Rules: capable of identifying the state of assets and processes;
  • Processing Rules: for handling the streaming and static data from your assets which, in combination with Machine Learning models, provide insights into the current and future state of your assets;
  • Decision Support Rules: interact with your users and guide them in the resolution of dysfunctions and collecting empirical data;
  • Bowtie Rules: assisting in the identification and management of risks associated with the detected asset dysfunctions and causes.
Alarm Management

Alarm Management: gain operational insights through Alarm Management

Alarm Management is a matter of providing the best possible operational insights in the process (situational awareness), and detecting abnormalities at the earliest possible stage. It is not a question of reducing high volumes of alarms, but it all comes down to getting the right information to the right people at the right time. Failure to do so can easily result in production losses or damages to the facility or even worse, the environment.

As a part of the APM software, we offer Alarm Management as one of the modules to manage alarms and events both more effectively and efficiently:

  • Alarm Management analyses events and alarms and their correlation so that they can be categorised and prioritised to find the root cause much faster; resulting in better insights on what to do next.
  • Alarm Management streamlines the operator’s work by automating the many steps in their previously manual process. By using software reports that indicate which actions to take, the number of plant/site incidents can be reduced, resulting in significant cost savings in operator working hours, less damage to assets and a reduction of idle time.

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Level up with UReason

Which level is your organisation on in the Predictive Maintenance Maturity Matrix?

To get the most out of Predictive Maintenance your organisation should be on level 4. This is the area where there is enough data available for our APM software to derive the most accurate and reliable predictions about the performance of your assets through machine learning and data analytics. We can bring your company to level 4. Feel free to contact us for advice and/or more information on leveling up.

PdM Maturity Matrix

From Predictive to Prescriptive
As the leader in the field of next-generation asset performance management software, we are reaching the new frontiers, turning Predictive Maintenance into Prescriptive Maintenance. That is when level 5 is reached. Here, by leveraging the power of machine learning, Internet of Things and big data analytics, our APM software can produce ever-evolving outcome-focused recommendations for operations and maintenance on top of improving asset performance. One of the main features of Prescriptive Maintenance is chatbot-technology that interacts with the service engineers on the floor.

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