Using Streaming Data from your Assets to Prevent Outages

The Potential of Streaming Data

Streaming data holds the potential to unlock more value from your process and assets. It allows you to optimise process availability, detect issues early and improve asset integrity. But where and how do you start to unlock the value from this data. Do you need access to streaming data at the lower levels of your automation systems or can you utilise data stored in streams in process historians?

In this webinar, we will show actionable examples of how you can use the streaming data available from your assets to prevent unplanned downtime.

In the first 30 minutes we will go over: 

  1. Variety of data sources
  2. How and what data to un-tap from your data sources
  3. How to go from your data to actionable results.

The webinar session will then be followed by a 20-minute Q&A session.

man using a touchscreen in an industrial setting

Do you want to find out where Predictive Maintenance can help your organisation? Watch this webinar and find out!

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